6 Myths About Pest Control

Once pests take residency in your home or business, it becomes a chore. D.A.L. Pest Control professionals are able to identify how to deal with your pest problem safely and effectively.

Living on an island you hear a lot of myths that has been told generations through generations, and so there are also pest control myths. In this post we will debunk 6 myths and bring forward to the importance of tackling pest problems the right way.

“I don’t see any pests, I don’t have a pest problem”
Pests are experts in hiding, you will lose if you ever were to play hide and seek(kak’i sconde) with them. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean you don’t have them eating at your coffee table or skin if you want that graphic picture of bedbugs. Chances are the harder they are to spot, the higher risk they pose.

Cockroaches only live in dirty homes.
Cockroaches have been around for millions of years, also in the cleanest of homes AND in the dirtiest of apartments. They might prefer dirty and unsanitary places, but if there is food and water they will thrive!

Catch a mice with cheese.
Cartoons are to blame for this myth, although it may have some effectiveness you should know that mice actually prefer sugary foods such cereal and peanut butter.

Get a cat and get rid of your mice problem
Just like Tom…Jerry always knew how to outsmart him, so let’s all agree to not mix cartoons with the reality. Because one thing is for sure..the cat won’t be able to reach behind walls or small holes where they reside.

Bug zappers zap mosquitoes away
WRONG! Mosquitoes don’t get affected by bright lights so chances are that bug zappers may only work on moths which are attracted to bright lights.

You should control for pest when there is a problem
Do not wait until you note a pest problem to take action, preventive pest control is the most effective way to keep your damages and pest control cost low. Consulting with a (D.A.L.) Pest Control pro is the recommended first step to keeping pests at bay.

Now that we’ve covered 5 myths, do you know any pest superstition your parents have ever told you? We’d love to hear about it and together figure out if its true or false.

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