All I want for Christmas is a Pest-Free Home ♬

Have a holly jolly christmas
With no worries about Pests
So when friends come to call
It’s the happiest season of all

There’ll be parties for hosting
Champagne for toasting
Ayaca for eating, ponche crema for treat
So make sure you read the tips below
For a christmas that will fill your guests with joy

    • Walk around your home and locate areas that are vulnerable to letting pests in. For example openings around air-conditioning units,sliding doors or wires. Seal the holes using a caulking gun to prevent insects or rodents from getting in. Remember, a mouse can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime and  rats can get through a hole the size of a quarter and even if the hole is not big enough they can chew it to make it bigger.

  • Seal all your food in plastic or stainless steel containers including pet food! Eliminate the food sources that attract insects and rodents, you don’t want them to come back do you? Make sure all trash, inside and out, is also sealed. Pet food should only be put down when it’s mealtime.  Always wash dishes right away…wait whut?

or if you’re not keen to do it immediately, keep them in a sink of soapy water. Don’t leave them in a stack beside the sink with food on them. 

  • Cut leaves and branches that give rodents and insects a bridge that they can climb on to reach your home.
  • Remove standing water inside and outside of your home. Don’t give bugs and rodents a fountain to drink from. Also, standing water is a breeding ground for some insects, such as?
    Yes mosquitoes. 

Now that we’ve added some things to your “to-do-list”, it’s a good time to remind you that sometimes no matter how hard you work to keep pests out of your home, they manage to get in any way. A very frustrating situation if I do say so myself. It might be time to contact the best pest management provider on the island, D.A.L. Pest Control. Hurry, you still have some days left before christmas and new years. Contact us today for a FREE INSPECTION! 

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