Oh Oh Ticks!

Ticks, they are everywhere! They attach themselves on animal skin and sucks their blood. There are different types of ticks, the most common that we talk about is the dog tick.  These dog ticks can be up to 1/2 inch long.


Ticks on Dog

If you’re a dog owner chances are you probably have seen a tick around your home before. To prevent it to become an infestation, get your pet inspected regularly and so reduce the chance for the tick to spread diseases such as Lyme disease. Also repair any gaps around your home, dispose of all materials that might be nested by rodents and birds and  keep your grass short.

Help, there’s a tick on me!

If you found a tick on your skin or on your pet, take a tweezer and grab it by the head and pull carefully away from the skin. Do not crush a fed tick since it will release dangerous fluids and also unnecessary mess. Instead put the tick/s in a bottle with creolin als close the lid, throw away. Wash and disinfect the bitten area. If  you have any concerns, do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

To prevent and if you suspect of having an tick infestation give us a call and we’ll gladly take care of your tick problems!

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